An introduction to the importance of fractal geometry

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Beautiful math of fractals

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"Fractal is a word invented by Mandelbrot to bring together under one heading a large class of objects that have [played] an historical role in the development of pure mathematics. A great revolution of ideas separates the classical mathematics of the 19th century from the modern mathematics of the 20th.

Because fractal geometry is relatively new -- the term was coined in by the late Benoit Mandelbrot, -- it is a concept not well understood by a portion of the population. Fractal geometry offers almost unlimited waysof describing, measuring and predicting these natural phenomena.

But is it possible to define the whole world using mathematical equations?

An Introduction to Fractals

This article describes how the four most famous fractals were created and explains the most important fractal properties, which make fractals useful for different domain of science. 8 An Introduction to the Mathematics of Fractal Geometry popular accounts ofthe applications in which no real mathematical understanding has been conveyed-or perhaps even intended.

It is our object in this chapter to make a small contribution filling this gap. INTRODUCTION TO FRACTAL GEOMETRY 3 Fractal composite leaf 4) Dynamical temporal evolution of a continuous dynamical system is de-scribed by a (smooth) curve in the phase space, say equations deflne a vector.

INTRODUCTION TO FRACTAL GEOMETRY 3 Fractal composite leaf 4) Dynamical temporal evolution of a continuous dynamical system is de-scribed by a (smooth) curve in the phase space, say equations deflne a vector.

An introduction to the importance of fractal geometry
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Introduction to Fractal Geometry