An introduction to the life of stephen bantu biko

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Steve Biko

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Steve Biko: The Black Consciousness Movement

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Steve Biko

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A short biography of Steve Biko, founder and martyr of the Black Consciousness Movement in South Africa. Stephen Bantu (Steve) Biko Founder of the Black Consciousness Movement in South Africa. Share Flipboard Email Early Life.

From an early age, Steve Biko showed an interest in anti-Apartheid politics. Stephen Bantu Biko was born in King William's Town, in the Cape Province of South Africa, in After matriculating he went to Natal University to study medicine in After matriculating he went to Natal University to study medicine in Bantu Stephen Biko was born in Kingwilliamstown on the 18th Decemberthe third son of the late Mr & Mrs Mzimgayi Biko.

He did his primary schooling in Kingwilliamstown. His secondary schooling was virtually all done at the Marianhill Secondary School in Kwazulu. Sep 09,  · No46 - Steve Biko, by Hilda Bernstein published in London by the International Defence and Aid Fund in Steve Biko was the 46th person to die in security police detention in South book holds detailed information about the life and times of Steve Biko.

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An introduction to the life of stephen biko

Steve Biko, in full Bantu Stephen Biko, (born December 18,King William’s Town, South Africa—died September 12,Pretoria), founder of the Black Consciousness Movement in South Africa. His death from injuries suffered while in police custody made him an international martyr for South African black nationalism.

An introduction to the life of stephen bantu biko
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