Cannabusiness reporter

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But many have tenuous ties to the marijuana industry, regulators said. Charlo Greene, KTVA-TV (ex) reporter in Anchorage, Alaska, quit her job on air following a news report on the Alaska Cannabis Club – a local group advocating for the legalization of cannabis.

Oversee the monthly publication of HIGH TIMES magazine, two quarterly magazines and special projects. Writer and reporter for the music/entertainment section, features, and blogger for Freelance Writer at HIGH TIMES.

‘Post-Cable’ News Network Sets its Sights on Cannabusiness Cheddar is an innovative “post-cable” business news network that broadcasts live from the floor of the NYSE — and they’re looking to Cannabis Now for input on the growing cannabis industry.

Cannabis Radio is the premier online - podcast radio destination for all things cannabis.

The Cannabusiness Report

If you are an activist, enthusiast, cannabusiness, politician or policy maker looking to keep your fingers on the pulse of what is important to all the major stakeholders of the legal marijuana industry. Cannabis Business owner Evan Nison was refunded money he had paid to sign up for Quickbooks small business services.

Marguerite Arnold finds out why.

Cannabusiness reporter
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