Planarian lab report

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Classroom Activities: Planaria Regeneration Activity

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Planarian Regeneration by Lora Bueker

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Dougherty, Mr. | Science. Dougherty's Home; BIOLOGY: Course Content & Syllabus. BIOLOGY COURSE DOCUMENTS; Remove a planarian from the jar at the front of the room using a pipette.

(that’s you) loses 5 points off their planaria lab each time that they are caught without their baby planaria. Your babies will be due for a final check-in.

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Sep 05,  · Back inthe Human Genome Project gave us a nigh-complete readout of our DNA.

Not Exactly Rocket Science

Somehow, those As, Gs, Cs, and Ts contained the full instructions for making one. Biology lab that explores the planarian, a simple flatworm that lives in fresh water. Students observe the flatworm as it swims, eats and responds to its environment.

Observation of a Live Planarian

The experiment ends with cutting the worm in half to allow it to regenerate.

Planarian lab report
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Classroom Activities: Planaria Regeneration Activity | HHMI BioInteractive