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TORONTO, ON - APRIL People embrace as they lay candles and leave messages at a memorial for victims of a crash on Yonge St. at Finch Ave., after a van plowed into pedestrians on April 23, A Toronto Star investigation into the dark underbelly of domestic sex trafficking in Ontario.

who identified himself as Suni, told the Star young girls are trafficked out of high-end hotels and small motels, like his, every day. Olivia Carville has worked as an investigative reporter for the Toronto Star. She is a Kiwi ex-pat with a.

Toronto radio host Mike Bullard admitted Friday that he made annoying phone calls to his ex-girlfriend, CityNews reporter Cynthia Mulligan, and twice breached his bail conditions after their.

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The President’s fake stories have now been revealed thanks to the work of Canadian newspaper, The Toronto Star. The newspaper, which has created an amazing tool to fact check Donald Trump’s lies (see if here and bookmark it), has made it a mission to expose the President’s ludicrous claims.

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